Interesting upgrade idea

Who wants to make an x-carve upgrade that does this?? :joy::joy::joy:

I have one and it is awesome! Participated in a few maker events this past year. We were the last booth to close; actually, the staff asked us to stop making pancakes :slight_smile:


These are really cool, I would like to have a fluid dispenser mod to lay liquid leading for faux stained glass.

Their is a video on you tube of an x carve doing this , saw it a while back … he even shows how to make the dispenser …

Here it is!! Even has the 3D printable files in description.


Nope not me !! I said the same thing lol !

I just want one of the pancake machines from the hotel and I’ll be content !!

You mean the waffle makers? Those are my favorite.

No I was at holiday in not long ago they had a pancake dispenser make 2-4 flapjacks per request .

I just found an article about it , I actually did recently buy a commercial grade Belgian waffle iron because I have a love for breakfast food , and chicken and waffles …

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Wasn’t there a guy on here asking about fluid dispensing a while ago? I seem to remember something about making candy…

Never seen a pancake machine like that, that’s awesome!

Dutch chicken and waffles or southern? Love Dutch chicken and waffles!!

Well I’m from Texas so I guess, southern style. I’d love to try Dutch !!

Southern style is a piece of fried chicken on a waffle and maple syrup.

Dutch, is a waffle slathered in chicken gravy… yum!!! My favorite.