Interesting V-rail System

I saw that video before and especially the very last part is extremely interesting to me.

It is a very elegant alternative to those damned eccentric spacers!


Anything for CNC Router Parts guys makes me drool :frowning: I speced few times pinion upgrade to my build bus sadly the total $ is prohibitive.

Now that is neat, and I agree with @anon68752607, that last bit with the single-point, self-leveling tensioner is very, very interesting!

Would require increasing the gantry rise for sure, that takes a lot more Z distance than the existing system, but probably worth it.

if you design the machine with the spoilboard not going under the profiles, you wouldn’t need to raise it that much. But when I first saw this I think it had a patent pending. Nut sure though.

True, you could likely get away with it that way… I’d still think it’d eat up rather a large bite of your Z, the X-Carve is rather short on that in any case. Taller end plates would easily give you that back, though.

Patent status doesn’t really matter if you design something “inspired by” it for your own use and aren’t selling it. Certainly wouldn’t try to SELL versions of it, but for a build-it-yourself upgrade using just the general ideal like this, I think you’re more or less in the clear.

Yeah it looks shiny, but what keeps all of that assembly from vibrating loose over and over again?

Now that I think about it, you could also make the upper 2 wheels adjustable and not lose any Z height.

Concerning patent status, I was more thinking along the lines of Inventables designing something similar for commercial purposes, so this might be an option as I’m not sure if you can patent a locking screw system. Seems too general to me. I think the patent was about the whole rail system rather than that specific locking mechanism.

Loosening with vibration can be a potential issue, but I mean there are easy ways to counter that I think. Hell you can add a stepper motor to that screw and change tightness with the controller :smile:

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Makes sense, but didn’t see them using any. I’ll ask them directly to see what they say.

According to a company rep Loctite is not necessary. The cam mechanisms use included lock washers that hold the v-wheels locked against the rails. The rails themselves are held in the V-Con clamps with set screws. The image below shows more detail;

Side shot;

I have contacted them about selling it in other lengths. The (larger) 1" x .5" version is also available in 950mm lengths. Thanks Angus for posting this thread, I am seriously interested in this system and will be doing more research on it as a upcoming upgrade.

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I will be keeping an eye on this tread as I am considering using this setup to upgrade my Y axis. I want the longer cut length and I think the larger / thicker series 40 rail as a base will have less flex over the longer span.

i think the loctite comment was not about the rails, but the locking screw on the adjustable aluminium mechanism.

a simple vinyl nut would be a cheap solution too

This rail system is infinite. the bracket is designed to hold 2 sections of rail end to end, with adjustment screws so they line up properly.