Intermediate size x-carve


Newbie here, first post. Thanks to the New Brit Workshop for getting me very interested in purchasing the product.

I do have a problem however. The small size is, well, too small for what I intend to do. And very unfortunately the 1 meter size just won’t fit in the workshop as it would need a 44 inch footprint. My sweet spot is to be able to fit a 24 inch wide board. Are there any plans to make an intermediate size? Or is it possible to have the rails and waste board reduced?

I had planned to use a Dewalt 611 router and this has a bottom orientated blower fan which would send dust flying all over. Do you make an add on kit that would accept a vac hose for dust collection?

I just finished getting wi-fi in my workshop in anticipation of all this :smile:



you COULD custom build the size. just chop the maker slide down. kinda of a waste unless you can order shorter maker slide in your size range. just a thought

The work bench I built from my 1000mm machine is 48" x 44". I can’t fit much else on the table (all the electronics are mounted underneath), but it seems to work great!

Also remember that the actual cutting work area of a 1000mm X-Carve is only 790x790 (approx. 31"x31").

In the UK is a company called amberspyglass who is selling custom length makerslide.

Hi Andrew,

I had originally thought of doing that but I would lose the precision screw holes at one end of the rails. Along with precisely cutting the supports for the wasteboard. Too many places for me to screw it up.


my understanding is that the maker slides are extrusions so on theory they are the same all the way through not just at the ends. i could be wrong. but to your point you would have to precisely cut all the maker slides at 90 degree angles without messing anything up. alot could go wrong. you may check online and see if you can find maker slide in smaller pieces already cut down.

I plan on increasing mine from 500x500 to 1000x500 to be able to fit a wider board but still keep it fitting on the depth of my workbench.

Andrew is correct the MS extrusion can be cut to any length and you will still have the holes to mount the end plates to. I don’t know what your shop equipment is but if you have a power miter saw then you can cut the MS to exact length. set up stops so all parts that need to be the same length are. If you don’t have a power miter saw you can get one for not much money at Home Depot or Lowe’s or Sears.
To narrow the machine by 7 inches so your max material is 24" you just need to shorten 2 MS by 177.8mm . On a 1000 you would have a 24X31 material space.