Internet cutting out when Controller turned on

Hi folks

I have recently purchased an X-Carve 1000cm router.

Outstanding machine and works fantastically with VCarve.

The internet is running over a TP-Link Powerline connection to the house and works fine until I turn the controller on.

It cuts out and stays off until I turn the controller off.

As soon as the controller is off the internet connection comes back on.

It is a weird one.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Same thing happens to me lol, even my spot lights in the workshop cuts the internet out. I have to download my files in the dark and half way through the download today which took ages to even connect my mrs walked in and switched the bloody lights on :sweat_smile:. Them to link things are rubbish but I have no other option I’m afraid. I use my laptop in the house to do the work them email them to myself which I open in the workshop comp

Hi Richard

I ended up having to go WIFI putting a booster on a window sill to get internet in my workshop.