Internet in the workshop

My workshop is some distance away from my home where it is my intention to design my projects. There is no internet in the workshop !!!. Is it possible to save the project to a pendrive and work from that. Maybe even take the laptop to the machine.

I know this might seem a stupid question ?

I have a similar problem that my shop isn’t at my home and end us using my phone’s hotspot to grab a connection. Just need it long enough to load the project in easel and then you can disconnect. I assume you can load up in your house and then walk over without any issues.

Assume is not know ! Are you sure? Have you tried it?

Yup and works fine. Internet connection is only needed to load the project or if you need to add/duplicate a work space. Connect, load file, disconnect, carve.

Hi Everyone,

Internet access is required to load and save Easel projects. Internet access is not required to work with a project once loaded or to connect to your machine and carve a project.

You can read more about the system requirements of Easel here:

Before I pulled a couple of cable runs out to the garage I had the same problem. Solution was to open the file on my laptop while connected to the internet in my dining room, and then carry the lap top out to the shop, plug in to the X-Carve and go. Once the file is loaded it lives on the computer and you don’t need a network connection. Only issue is if you need to make a last minute tweak to your design.

However, you should also know that you can buy a good Wireless Access Point (WAP) for around a hundred bucks. Plug one of these into your router and site it carefully (mine’s up in the attic) and you can get good signal within a 300-600 foot radius out from the house. (Besides solving the Easel connectivity problem for your garage, you can listen to the Thomas Jefferson Hour podcast on your phone while mowing the lawn :slight_smile: )

Just from memory, I think the one I bought was a Ubiquiti Unifi AP Long Range or similar name. It came with a PoE (power over ethernet) injector, so all I had to do was fish a cat 5 cable up into the attic. Dead simple to set up, plus it let me do things like set up a separate wireless “networks” for the kids that turn off their access to the internet at bedtime :smiley: .