Interrupted Cutting Caused by Vacuum

About 2 months ago I began experiencing some interruption issues with my X-Carve with the X-Controller. The machine will stop in the middle or anywhere in the cut and the screen on the computer says its done. Also it acts like you unplug the communication cable as well. I have the latest software, uninstalled and reinstalled software, drivers etc. I have tried multiple new cables from the computer to the X-Controller. Even installed a new USB wire. Still the same issues, but with the help of the staff at Inventables I have narrowed the interruption being caused by my Shop Vac causing some sort of “electrical noise” that causes the interruption. I can run the machine all day long with out nay interruption with the vacuum cleaner shut off. I have a grounded wire on the machine to prevent static electricity in the hose and since installation that has not been an issue. I have cut literally thousands of parts out for my wife’s crafting store and the machine worked flawless. So since the recent newly developed problem I don’t feel is from static. Or at least if it is why did it suddenly start 2 months ago. Granted it is winter in Nebraska and the air is dryer but it still does not shock me when I touch the hose like it used to do. One thing I will say is that the Shop Vac does not have a grounded outlet on the plug it is a standard two prong outlet plug. Any information as to what I could do to stop this issue would be welcomed.

How many hours do you have on the spindle? do you have the Dewalt 611???
I suggest you check the brushes on the Dewalt. When they get worn down below a certain point they can cause symptoms similar to “electrical noise” problems. Check out this thread…

Hey Robert, I only have roughly 10 hours on current brushes for the 611. I haven’t had much time to order brushes yet due to a work injury but intend to when I get back to full time.