Introducing Easel Pro

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers starting, running, and growing businesses with our tools. We believe manufacturing is undergoing a transition. We are moving away from the 20th-century model, where large factories produced the majority of products, and into the 21st century: micro and indie manufacturing companies are producing products alongside factories. Easel Pro is focused on supporting and accelerating this transition.

What are the features and benefits of Easel Pro?
Easel Pro’s production efficiencies decrease the amount of time required to carve detailed products, enabling businesses to produce more products per day and bring in more income. In addition to production efficiency, businesses can expand their product offerings with Easel Pro’s built-in customization tools. With hundreds of built-in fonts, businesses can design personalized products for customers.

With Easel Pro, business owners:

  • Report saving time on each product they make, allowing them to produce more products in a day
  • Sell products with a greater level of detail at a higher price point without increasing production costs
  • Offer more customization options to customers by choosing from hundreds of new fonts
  • Avoid investing in complex and expensive software
  • Can take 2D designs and achieve 3D effects using v-carving toolpaths and v-bits
  • Minimize production errors

More questions? Please check out the Easel Pro FAQ and Overview.

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easel pro does not show up on my screen anymore?? am I to late to use it??

It won’t say pro unless you use a vbit.

thank you for the reply

I am making 30 small guitars to be painted and made in to clocks. using a straight bit. what could easel pro do to inprove my method>

3/4 MDF using 1/4 inch straight bit.

Or any other Easel Pro feature, including certain Fonts.

thank you for your help.