Introduction to X-Carve

Depth of use?
Will this router work below the base level - i.e if i place it on a concrete floor, can I use it to engrave the concrete?
Also will it have enough power to do that task?

How hard would it be to configure it to 1000mm x 500mm?
Would i buy a 1M x 1M then a 500mm X axisand drive screw?

Any idea when shipping will start?
Any idea of shipping cost to Auckland New Zealand?

Am i right in my assumption this will work with Vcarve?
cheers adam

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Hi @AdamHaining

I can’t speak to some of the other parts of your question post, but I live in Auckland and have ordered the full kit with 1000mm rails. The shipping is pretty high, but worth it when compared to the cost of getting something locally. All total the shipping for my order was $507, but you can get a more accurate shipping estimate buy putting your cart together and calculating your specific order’s shipping.

I also plan to use Aspire (same engine as V-Carve).

Hope that helps.

I am hoping it will do what I am thinking of doing with it. The other option is “Concrete Printer” but it is about 5K US plus shipping. Expect I will need to stiffen the base as I will not use a base board.

Presume the power supply will be switchable to 240V

Interesting idea. I’ll probably tinker with opening a hole in the waste board to cut the end of longer stock, but nothing like removing the whole thing all together…

The power supply has a switch on the side that you will be able to toggle between 110v and 240v.

Can anyone tell me the footprint of the larger machine (1000mm x 1000mm) INCLUDING clearance for the Drag Chains, and anything else sticking out each side? I am building my benchtop and one side will be against a wall, so I want to provide enough table top to account for clearance from the wall. Thanks! :smile:

The footprint touching the table is 1006 x 1006. The steppers stick out 50mm in the air. The drag chain sticks out about 100mm in the air.

You need to give yourself space for the power supply, computer, and it’s nice to have some space for tools.

Thank you, is that on both the X and Y axis with the drag chain so plan on 1100mm x 1100mm to be safe, (plus other which in my case will extend in another direction)?

I’ll measure it tomorrow.

On the topic of 12 volt versus 24 volt asked by SHowa, I wouldn’t choose to run on 12 volt just because of having some 12 volt fans. Motor torque is much better on 24 volts - I tried 12 volts until I got a 24 volt supply, and the improvement on 24 volts was huge! I too am using 12 volt fans, it was a simple matter to put together a 7812 regulator and a few capacitors on a perfboard to drop the 24 volt supply to 12 volts for the fans. I’m using a 24 volt 8.5 amp switching power supply - lots more than I really need, but the incremental price difference was really small, and I like having ample capacity.

Hi, I would also like some info on below base carving and
would you recommend this machine for use with mostly aluminum stock and sheet?
What max. thickness? and the expected cutting speed?


Would be nice if a company representative answered some questions!

Below base carving!
Really want an answer from manufacturer. I really see an advantage in being able to place machine on a surface you want to carve/engrave.
Q1 - Will the spindle/bit reach below the bottom of the baseboard as it is supplied. i.e if we remove the baseboard and place it on a surface we want to carve?
Q2 - will the unit need to be stiffened if we remove the baseboard?
Q3 - if we order without the baseboard, does it still come with the rails that are under the baseboard?
Q4 - Can the end plates be shortened, the cross rails raised (leaving room for the carriage to run unobstructed) without any issue?
Q5 - what is involved in reconfiguring it to a different size e.g. 1000 x 500mm. I know you can change/swap the rails, but what needs to happen on the software side?
Q6 - How practical would it be to set this up to make it easy to semi disassemble, pack and reassemble. (i.e remove carriages and pack compactly) I.e make a case for it, take it to site and reassemble to do a job. Making it really a portable machine? Would it need to be reconfigured each time, if so what is involved in that?

I am relatively inexperienced with CNC routers and need some help. I was a draftsman with a PENCIL 50 years ago while I went to school plus I have a utility patent and several ideas I want to pursue, and your X-Carve is perfect for me. I love what you are doing. However, I need a slightly larger machine on the Y axis, 1800mm (62" working length"?) to make my parts. The 31" (1000mm) X axis is fine.

Please quote the fully rigged Xcarve all the bells and whistles plus the additional items needed to extend the Y rails to 1500mm (wiring, drag chain, G2 belts, etc). I assume I need some mounts to eliminate flexing of the Y rails. I will supply the waste board. Add the tool kit and the digital calipers.

Also, I played with Easel and had some real problems. Is there a tutorial somewhere? Can I Beta test? What do I need to design and make a style of Jigsaw puzzle in 3/4" pine?

Bill Raines

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Hi @william_bill_Raines Thanks for all your interest and excitement. That’s really cool that you are taking your experience as a draftsmen and testing out Easel and X-Carve.

For a quote or to help configure your machine please give us a call at 312-775-7009 or email help at The community forum is for community discussion and we don’t provide quotes have sales people monitoring it. We’re trying to create a place for folks to meet each other and talk shop so to speak.



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I am designing a enclosed cabinet for the 1000mm X-Carve that I have ordered. I need to know what minimum dimensions for the inside I need to follow. Zach earlier mentioned that the stepper motor kicks out 50mm and the drag chain about 100mm. Does the drag chain flare out further than 100mm when the machine is in use that I need to give more room for?

Ditto on Davids Post. It would also help to know the vertical height at it’s tallest. Thank you Inventables for checking, we need to work of the anxiety of waiting for the X Carve to ship!

To make it easier for future people to search I’m trying to start new threads for specific questions and answers. Here’s a thread for questions about the height.

Thanks for the reply regarding height for the 1000mm X-Carve, what would be the minimum inside width and depth of a enclosed cabinet have to be for it to have enough room to function?

Here is a link to the CAD file so you can get all the dimensions you need:

That only helps if you can work with the 3D file in a meaningful way. :wink: How about just a dimensioned plan, and, elevation view?

There are a bunch of free CAD tools you can open it with and create as many dimensioned views as you wish. FreeCAD, Fusion360, Sketchup are a few.