Introduction to X-Carve

I’m new to CNC, actually never have had the experience in using one at all. But, am interested. Does this machine mill projects like a baseball bat or something on this level? Then able to carve into the side of of it, like a name or decal? If so, is there an additional part that must be attached? What is it? Etc…? I know a lot of questions from the get-go, but I’m really leaning towards purchasing my first cnc machine and this is what I wish to get into. Thanks.

Kristopher - For milling a baseball bat, you would be better off using a lathe which will spin the wood around a single axis and then you would shave the wood stock down to your desired shape. The CNC machine will allow you to precisely carve objects in a 2.5D or 3-D with the appropriate software. I would recommend spending some time on youtube doing some research. A recommended channel would be Make Something (formerly know as Drunken Woodworker) or possibly I like to make stuff.

Please don’t take this as a recommendation to not get the machine, they are capable of some amazing things. Only that it may not be the best tool for making a baseball bat.

Hi. I just purchased an X carve but i did not order the 1000x1000 waste board due to huge cost of shipping. I’d like to make my own waste board with mdf and i was wondering if i can make it in 2 pieces to make it more portable. Is there any recommendations that i should know? Do i still get the perfect flat surface by doing this or its a must to make it in one piece? Thank you

You can make it from two pieces. We used to offer this as an option but the machine was not as precise because they can move against each other ever so slightly. If portability is a bigger requirement than precision it is a perfectly acceptable solution.

Thanks, can you also tell me what’s included in the tool box? I would like to know what type of wrenches and tools and what size do I need to assemble the machine. I have not bought the tool set and I wanna buy them from a local hardware store. There is no info available in the description for tools .Thanks

The new updates look amazing. I was dead set on buying a Shapeoko 3 until I saw this. Now I am really torn. I love the community, I love Easel, and the updates look to be amazing.

The only downsides (to me) still are the smaller y axis extrusions that I know people have had flex problems with and the smaller 6.35mm GT2 belts (versus the 9mm belts on the shapeoko 3.)

I see that Inventables sell 9mm GTS Belts, but will those work on the new machine? I noticed that in the updated they made permanently mounted pulleys. Do those fit 9mm belts? and if so, is it simply a plug and play and I can just order 9mm belts and install those instead if the smaller ones? I’ve also seen people modding their older x Carve’s to install 9mm belts, but is this still possible with the permanently mounted pulleys?

Those are the only things that are holding me back. And I don’t even know if those are real issues, more or less just things I have read. Your opinions on this would really help. My funds are limited and I want to make the best choice.