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Can the project’s site be cleaned up? Just so much unwanted things on there.


Consider this another vote for some sort of reporting function that way we can at least have the published projects with no link to a valid easel project removed.

From a legal liability standpoint there should really be a IP owner reporting function built in as well that way Inventables isn’t on the hook for member posted content that members don’t own the rights to.

Two years ago I wrote a script that crawled the projects. There are advertisement shilling pages out there, incomplete pages out there, pages planted to link to other pages so as to boost links and other things. I compiled a list of those, sent it to the staff and…Crickets.


that’s typical of most developers. They never listen to the customer’s needs.


or add some moderator so we can weed out the unwanted trash.


What they ought to do is make most of the stale public projects private again. If the person is not sharing an Easel file or useful imagery (gif, svg, g-code etc.) make it private. If the project has been downloaded by other users or has likes, leave it public.

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any project with an actual public project should be left alone. Any images with no public project should be trashed.

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Long ago, Inventables saw itself as not just CNC but also perhaps going into things like the laser. Many of us have lasers. To this end, even a project that is just SVG imagery can be useful.

Also, some users are into collaborations where they make public one part (such as concept artwork) that another user will help them move toward a finished project.

I think that older projects that are not Easel projects, have no likes and have no downloads should be flipped from public to private. That way if someone actually did want their work public, they could again make it public.

There are projects out there that have been placed by web bots that simply put .BMP images and URL links to goodness knows what. I think that Inventables can do a better job curating their projects.

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