Inventables at the White House

Hey Everyone

I got invited to the White House today to kick off the National Week of Making.

We are officially kicking off the crowd funding campaign to put a 3D carver in every school by the end of the decade. I just got inside and they give you these sweet badges

I’ll do a longer blog post wrap up. You can sign your school up to get a free 3D carver here:

Here is the official press release for anyone who is a journalist from the 1960’s

If you have questions post them here. I’ll try to get answers or get pictures and post it all back in the blog post.

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Limor from Adarfuit said Maker culture is kinda like skateboard culture. It’s competitive but we all tend to share and push each other. It’s competitive but it’s not cut throat we all bring each other up and raise each other’s game.


The founder of AS220, Umberto Crenca, did an inspiring talk about the history of their organization.


Got one with Dale from Make