Inventables branded upgrades

@Zach_Kaplan have you guys ever played with the idea of having a post with things you are working on or might consider releasing in the future. Im going to be buying a few upgrades but if Inventables are going to release their version I might hold out a little. A example for me is your dust boot was announced right after I had already bought mine so it was too late.

Google “Osborne Effect”. Historical note: My father actually had an Osborne 1.

interesting read. Makes sense. but lets say inventables was developing a separate rotary axis upgrade that would plug into all machines. Would the osborne effect still be relevant to them or would it affect other companies that currently manufacture rotary axis.

Hmmmm… mayhaps you are a trendsetter.

I think you should buy a laser and test the theory… :grinning:

They’ve done this in the past with the Xcontroller and it’s ill-fated relay box.

The Xcontroller worked out eventually but I remember the four month wait for mine during what I believe was the change between low rate and high rate production.

We just need an insider to feed us juicy bits of info!