Inventables Connector Kit

I would like to know the name. And where i can find these connection parts. It would be nice if inventables sold them in house. I’m upgrading my Y axis to 1800mm long. I want my longer wire to look stock. I dnt want to Solder any wires. So that i can avoid cold solder joint problems.

Thanks your the best. did you use that zip wire for your limit switches

the green one is called a phoenix connector

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I use this company for ferrules. I used a lot of them.

Do you know what connector the limit switches uses.

Don’t know the name but they should be easy to find. My local hardware store even sells those.

Female spade.

Yeah. and so is the wire. inventables sale 18 gauge AWG wire. the one on my limit switches looks to be 10 gauge wire. with heat shrink tubing on both ends. And i will need Shielding sleeve to cover the wires. i dnt want EMF & RF interference.

I really doubt your limit switch wires are 10 gauge.
10 gauge wire is over 0.1" diameter.

Your right. I had the size wrong.