Inventables dust shoe problem

So I’ve been getting terrible cuts as of late. I trammed the machine, squared it, tightened everything and I still kept getting all these lines in my carves. I couldn’t not figure it out. So today i tried running without the dust shoe. Bam, perfect carve. Theres so much weight on the spindle from the hose it was throwing everything out of whack.
Has anyone else run into this? How did you remedy it?

Can you take a further back picture of the whole setup, hose and all?

I played around with it and it’s working better now. J

What exactly was the problem? Can you show what it looks like now? I’m curious as I’m about to install a hose system.

the hose was pulling back and to the right, which was lifting up on the shoe. it actually broke the glue joint of the shoe and hose. i flipped the “rings” that attach to the rods and gave it some slack, it works so much better now.

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Glad you figured it out.

My hose comes down and slides over a pipe fitting on the shoe with a bit of tension so I think/hope that if it gets caught up it will just pull loose rather than torque the machine.

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