Inventables event tonight + Live Stream

I was invited to give the keynote tonight at Technori in Chicago. The event will be live streamed so you may watch here if you can’t make it

If you are in Chicago and need tickets use this promo code “newsletter”

I’ll be announcing a new Inventables product.





Follow the Technori link. It gives all information about the times.

I found the link above broken. This one works.

Seems it only works with HTML5. :frowning:


Was Easel Pro the product announcement?

has not started yet still waiting

adopting the pay every month system like adobe

not good I am sorry inventables :frowning:

Ya I was going to buy another xcarve but not now hello OX… easel the free version? carve only a few day a month? lol nope i will use my other option. with free software. that works better has better options. what ever happen to easel for free. a few days a month is not free. good luck you guys.
another company that would not stand by there statements.

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yeah I am not sure I got that either 4 days a month for free what happens if you are right in the middle of a job and the 4 days expires while you are designing do you have to wait a full month to cut to export gcode to machine and cut?

You get 4 free “days” a month. Each day is a 24 hour block of time that starts when you start your first Pro carve. I imagine as long as you start a carve within the 24 hours that the carve will finish.

They said that if you have a carve go wrong, just reach out to Inventables’ customer service and they can work with you to add extra time.

If you do need another day after you have already run out that month, you can purchase additional days for $2.99 each.

Keep in mind that any carves you do that do not use ‘pro’ features (v-carving bit and extra fonts at this point in time) are always free.

oh no :frowning:

thats just a little crazy

I am extremely extremely interested on how this business plan works out for Inventables I would love to see some numbers in the coming quarters

no its not for pro that is a fee for easel standard. here is what i use for everyday only use easel for the easy quick simple stuff. this cam software is my main and i love it 59 or 39 depending on version for ever one time fee and it is easel x 100

Easel as it is now will remain completely free.

yeah I was gunna say easel is still free

v-carving and 200 fonts are just paid

judging by there page it is un clear to me then. the two stage carve does not work that well anyhow. and i hate not being able to use fonts that you have on your computer. the other one you can no problem.

I still cant believe there cost with how wimpy easel is atm. wow just wow.

what problems are you having with 2 stage carving?

might want to start a thread about it I would be happy to help out

I feel you on the fonts though

but 1 thing you can do is drag in a bitmap of the font in easel and trace it

or convert the font to svg and import into easel