Inventables gift code

It appears I recently won $500 store credit from an inventables survey I took. I just moved and am not in the position to buy an Xcarve right now, but if anyone else would like to buy the gift code from me I’d be willing to sell it for $450 or best offer.

Do you not own an X Carve?

No, the ones I’ve used in the past belonged to makerspaces.

you have a year to use it. hold onto it, you might be in a better position down the road

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FYI: I did get a couple of DMs/flags on this post. This is a legitimate gift card from Inventables and if @NicholasRoss would prefer to sell it, he can.


Thanks Jessie. Good looking out.

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@Jessie is it possible to pair the promo code with affirm financing? just enter it before the checkout process correct?

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