Inventables support

After having problems with my machine I turned to the forum got some great help and great advice but it didn’t fix my problem, So put in a call to inventables talk to a gentleman named Paul. He walked thur problems found out it was in my x-controller got me a new set helped me set up new program and was a real pleasure to work with. My machine is now back to working like it should and this is to say thank you to Paul and the company great customer service and again to Paul thank you so much for your help. And also to other owners of machine who have given me advice and help thanks again to you


Every time I’ve dealt with Inventables support, it reminds me of how outstanding it is. Don’t know if there is an internet award for Best Customer Service, but if there is, I nominate Inventables!




I too have needed to contact inventables a couple of times. Excellent service