Inventables/X-Carve Wiki

Just wondering if there was a way we could create a wiki for the forum, sort of like the Shapoko wiki. And by sort of I mean almost exactly like the Shapeoko forum.

It would nice to have a more official/central place for tips and tricks that are scattered all over the forum. For example it would be cool to have a wiki page for spindles, and I know there are multiple posts about this, but that exactly the problem, there is so much info out there but it’s very scattered. It would be great to put up a wiki so that the spindles could be listed and all the specifications listed along side it, such as power rating, body dimensions and speed ratings and then a reference list of user posts that showcase that spindle.

I think this would be amazing, I was going to start my own list as I find myself constantly looking for the same posts, be it for the Makita RT700C spindle or just for that one picture that someone posted of their awesome electronics enclosure.

Just an idea!


We could always use Wikia.

Great idea Rusty. As someone who is just about ready to take the leap a wiki would be a great resource.

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This could be an option, but it would be nice to have the forum and the wiki in one place.

Thanks, don’t get me wrong, you can basically find all the info you need on the forum here, but I’m just saying it would be nice to have a central location for typically resources!

Believe me I know that there is a wealth of information on the forum. I have wasted… scratch that. :wink: I have spent many productive hours reading forum posts here but to have them in the structure of a typical wiki would make it much easier to look for specific topics or concepts.

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Why not just use the ShapeOko wiki?

FWIW, there is a section here intended to serve as a wiki:

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I always roll my eyes when I hear buzzwords and tired old clichés like “synergy” and “the the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, but this is really one of the rare cases when they apply. Thanks in large part to WillAdams – who, with patience bordering on obsession, collected useful snippets of information from the Shapeoko forum and added them to the wiki – we now have a great resource. Adding the experience of the X-Carve users will only make it better for everyone.


I think the Shapeoko wiki is a very good and useful wiki and if Inventables does end up creating their own I’m sure I’ll still use the Shapeoko wiki. But what about a place for X-Carve specific tips, tricks and resources? I doubt the Shapeoko would allow X-Carve topics within its wiki.

I’m not too sure about the details of the split between the Shapeoko and Inventables, but seeing that they are now separate entities they are going to some variance between the to systems as they both grow and evolve.

Just trying to think ahead!

I don’t see that there could be any information which would be X-Carve specific, save for how to assemble or adjust the aluminum extrusion X-axis. Otherwise it’s simply a re-branded ShapeOko 2.

That’s fair that you see it that way, I personally still see merit in an X-Carve wiki.


And I personally don’t understand this rush to fragment what used to be a single community which worked together for mutual benefit.

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I can’t remember how many times I know I have seen - somewhere on these forums a link or gcode snipit or really great project idea only to spend hours trying to find it again later when I need it. It just happened again yesterday when I realized I needed to buy a new 1/8 inch adapter and for the life of me I could not find any of the links that had been posted for the best places to find one. I had to ask the question again, and I immediately received the answer. But it seems terrible to waste anyone’s time to answer a question again that they had already answered before.

So I think a Wiki that is well organized and has all the great stuff posted here in a format that makes it easy to find would be a great idea.

The only problem I see is who is going to maintain such a wiki? That sure seems like a huge job.


Will, would it be possible to make an X-carve section on the wiki just like we have for the different versions of the ShapeOko?

And, for the record I’m firmly in the camp of not fragmenting the community. The X-carve is, in my mind, just as much a part of the ShapeOko family as any other version.

Having a section for the X-Carve on the ShapeOko wiki would have to be worked out between Inventables and Carbide3D. I’m just a volunteer / member of the communities and don’t make policy.

The 1/8 adapters should all be linked to from the a Shapeoko wiki — we explored that pretty thoroughly in the early days of the project. Similarly, there’s a lot of duplication of “re-”discovered information, as well as at least one instance of attempting to dismiss commentary which was seen as detracting from a naïve design.

Ask yourself whom the community fragmentation helps and why.

You kind of put your finger right on the nose. Inventables and Shapeoko/Carbide3D are two separate companies competing in the same market. I think it would be highly unlikely that there will ever be a X-Carve sub-section in the Shapeoko wiki as this would be free advertisement for another company. I’m not saying that as a community we shouldn’t work together and make this hobby as great as it can be, but you can’t change the fact that some people are going to prefer to use one site as a primary resource and another as the secondary.

On the same note as “why not just use the Shapeoko wiki” that could also be said for this very forum, why are we not all just on the Shapeoko forum.

I just think it would be nice to have a nice organized place that a person could reference and list tips, tricks an resources that have been referenced on this forum. Many a time I’ve done exaclty what @AllenMassey mentioned above and searched forever on the forum for a post I had seen.

If @InventablesXcarve/@Zach_Kaplan decide to form a more official wiki here, I’ll surely be one of the first to through my hat in to help out.


I like this idea and I think we should do it.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback and discussion on this. I’m going to share this thread with a few people at Inventables and discuss what we could do.


Awesome to hear! Thanks Zach!