Inventables - X-Controller ***Sold***

I have a very lightly used X-Controller. It was purchased 10/11/18.

It is completely built and ready to use. I can provide pictures, but I assure you its in excellent condition, like new.

$250 shipped.

Any specific reason you are parting with it?


Brandon R. Parker

I really wanted to get away from GRBL, and goto a software/hardware package that had built in probing macros for a while. With my luck, a week after receiving this I learned of a new controller out there that had all of what I was looking for.

what did you end up going with? Curious.

Sure, I hope that its not a conflict of interest on the forums, but I went with an Acorn CNC from Centroid.

For starters I don’t have a X-Carve or any out of the box machine. I started with an Open Builds Sphinx and have at the current time built my own machine running ballscrews and linear rails, so its quite beefy of a machine.

The probe that I purchased was a normally closed probe, however in GRBL you can only have 1 probe input, and that meant that I could no longer use my touch plate.

I really liked GRBL Panel but its no longer supported and even at its best is limited to only 4 macros, no probing cycles, only one probe input etc. So really not ideal for where I am trying to get to.

All of this information came to me a week after I got this X-Controller, and I probably only used it for a few operations.

Pictures added.

I am interested would you take PayPal / ships to 38588

Yes, Paypal is all I will accept. Message me and we can exchange info.

I’m confused a bit about this statement. It is true that there is only one probe pin on the Arduino UNO R3 version of grbl, but it can be used in a normally closed or normally open configuration.

Although you can’t probe all axes simultaneously you can have a macro set up that will probe all axes.

I must me missing something from your description. Can you restate your issue please?

I need 2 “probes”. One is a NC probe. The other is a NO touch off plate. GRBL only allows the assignment of either open or closed probe. I need both, not either or.


Item has been sold.