Inventables Z-Probe with UGS?

What do I need to do to use my Inventables Z-Probe with UGS? I’m guessing I would need to make a macro of some sort but I dont know how to G-code…:anguished:

Use Charlie’s Triquetra with your Xcarve.

I have the Triquetra and it works great and I highly recommend it. BUT if you already have Inventables Z probe and don’t want to invest in Charlie’s 3 axis probe, I do believe he sells his software separately. I think it is $20 and can be set to generate the code for only Z probing without the X and Y. You can then run that code in UGS with your probe.

I searched a couple times last night didn’t he anything but I searched "inventables z-probe with UGS " it was late …

I already have the inventables one , I’ll buy one of those later gotta make some money back before I buy more stuff for this machine !