Inventible Bits have 0.3" collet but the D26200 collet adaptor is 0.25". What do?

So it appears the bits I ordered from Inventables have a 0.3" plastic collet but the collet adaptor with the D26200 is 1/4". Do I need to purchase an adaptor?

You never grip the plastic ring!
That is an identifier only.
The bits should be .125 shank.

Ok, good to know! However the 1/4" adaptor is wayyy to wide for the the shank.

Yes you will need a collet adapter for 1/4" to 1/8"
Or betetr yet an 1/8" collet.

Did you get the router from Inventables? If so, there should be an 1/8” adapter sleeve in your kit. If not, then you will need to purchase one separately. You can get the precision collet from Inventables, or you could get one from Elair Corp. I believe the DWP611 is the same router, just in 110v.

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Using an adapter is not a good idea, if that is all you have it is better than nothing, But getting a 1/8 collet is a much better option. Eventually the adapter will ruin your work and you will be sad.

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