Inventibles, your customer service is amazing

My spindle has been failing so I emailed Inventables and described the symptoms.

Got a very quick email response which almost blew me away. It seems that Inventables have gotten a few faulty Spindles and so they’ve offered to replace mine for free. However, they were concerned that because I’m an “International” customer (Australia) they were concerned that there was a remote chance that the replacement spindle could also be faulty.

Just to ensure if this occurred I wouldn’t be inconvenienced too much, Inventables decided to send me two spindles free of charge.

Holy ***t. I was entirely happy with their customer service before this - now I’m feeling like I should be taking out advertisements online so I can sing their praises to others. This level of customer service is what will keep me supporting Inventables by purchasing spares, consumables and bits from them, even when I can probably buy the stuff locally at a similar price.

Well done Inventables. Nice to see people who understand the value of customer service.

David Westley.

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SIng away David,

In fact I’ll join you and we can make it a duo, (the odd couple maybe?)

I’m sure there are many who would join us and it would be a chorus.

I Have dealt with Sam Alaimo on a couple of occasions and have nothing but good things to report. our feeling inthis matter are a testament to the inventables leadership and also the caliber of people they have in thier emlpoy.

Alot of businesses around the globe could benefit from taking some notes on how Inventables is run.

I agree they are great over at inventables! Wish more companies had service like them.great job guys keep it up.

I too would be singing (horribly) with you guys. I recently had a spindle mount that just would not let the motor slide in. After researching and emailing Customer Success, they decided to get me a new one and for me to send the old one back so they can further inspect. Low and behold, I had the spindle mount within 24 hours in my hand! Got it replaced last night and it is perfect! I too plan on ordering things from Inventables just to support them as their customer service is so far above and beyond any American company I have made a purchase like this from.

Small example, I purchased a $1000 tig welder within the last year and when I received it it was bent/fans broken. They sent me out new fans, but took a few days to get here, also they accidentally shipped the wrong tungsten (like a $10 item or so) and instead of just taking care of it, they requested that I pay to ship the wrong ones back first, then they would ship theirs…

Just left a bad taste in my mouth and what an inconvenience!

I am more than pleased with Inventables and will always recommend them!!!

I think I would have sent the whole tig welder back to them at their cost and demanded a full refund! That’s total B.S. to ask you to pay for their mistake that makes their product inoperable!

Maybe Inventables should go into the welder biz…NAH.

Lol I was tempted, but I got a really good deal and some good practice out of it. I have a local welding supply shop that had much better quality stuff anyway. So now I opt to spend hundreds of dollars with them instead of going online like I will with Inventables!

Keep up the great work Inventables Team!

Totally. I’ve had a few issues that required contacting customer service and they were great!

I had similar experience with inventables customer support they are very good and Zach does respond to solve problems, I am getting my spindle soon. I have to see if I have to pay customs and VAT in UK. I would prefer to order more things from inventables if there are no extra fees to pay. :blush:

I was noticing some irregularities with my spindle, having to hand start it a couple of times and such.

I contacted c.s. and suggested that I wanted to upgrade to the quiet cut 48v spindle.

The response was awesome and I could not ask for more. they made it worth it to me to spend the money to upgrade.

My new spindle and associated goodies should be here Tuesday.

And almost perfect timing since I was cutting a sign for our hobby business today and the spindle suddenly lost rpms and then died altogether. That was 5 minutes ago.

Thanks to the fantastic folks in the c.s. dept, although I am bummed that I probably wont have the sign ready for the start of the county fair, and I will need to figure out how to get the starting zero back so i can finish the sign, I’m not really ticked off! c’est la vie!