Inventor to milling?

What would be the easiest way to take a basic inventor part file and mill/ carve it out with the Xcarve? I know it is possible to use fusion 360 to create a tool path however I was wondering if their is an easier way to cut out basic parts. I would love to have the posses of using this machine to be as simple as a 3d printer where you simple adjust the feed rate and generator a stl. I also know that you can make the prt into a drawing and then convert it to a svg however the svg does not allow you to select exactly what you want cut. Just wondering what the easiest way is to take a prt file and actually machine it.

After importing the cad file to fusion 360 is their anything special that you have to do after you creat the tool path? How do you creat the g code for the system useing fusion 360?

Ok thanks I’m super excited to get this all working