Inverse the image in easel

It would be nice if easel can inverse an image. Just my opinion, thank you.

I am trying to make carvings by more 3-D

What do you mean inverse an image? You can choose invert it when importing an image:

Or do you mean, after importing an image, you then decide you wanted to invert it?

I was thinking about inverse after importing, of the whole or selected portion of the workplace?

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I would like to have that also.

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Being able to inverse after importing your SVG file would be an extraordinary and helpful new feature…

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I tried the image trace. I get all the way through to upload file, click upload, then receive this message.

Vectorizing failed: RequestId: e50b8e8e-6f6f-402a-adce-a21eb4c3d5d7 Process exited before completing request

Does anyone have any thoughts?

jacob colors

Hey Jose,

You can do this with the tools available. If the SVG is the inverse of what you want, import the SVG, center to your material and raise its cut depth to 0. Then create a shape that is as large as the SVG (covers the whole thing). Whatever cut depth you set that shape you created to will be the inverse of the original SVG. LMK if you need more info!

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I appreciate that youre helping. Just a heads up, the last prior post to this thread was in 2019. Hopefully these specific ppl from the old thread have figured out how to invert it by now
That said, the steps you provided do work & may be helpful to newer onlookers, i agree. :+1: