Invert after editing

Ability to Invert would be helpful . both for svg and other imported files.

Do you mean Flip horizontal or vertical perhaps? If so you can do that under edit menu.

No i mean turn black to white and white to black

Oh, I see. There is a download image application under easel applications that allows you to invert the image before you load it onto a easel workpiece. That way you could import it already inverted, but that’s all I know…good luck sir!

OOPS I was wrong its not under apps, it is under Import. You go all the way through select the file and it shows a preview. This is where you can check a box to invert the image.

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I know about that one but sometimes it would be nice to invert after node editing

I believe I am having this same issue, but I don’t see this solution.
I am importing SVG images, but its cutting where I want it raised. I am wanting to invert. It appears the solution here mentions a way to invert the image upon import, I don’t see that. Is there a new way to do this?