Invert carved area in Vcarve (or other suggested)

I am carving plates (delrin) for use in embossing. So, I know I need to mirror, I’m not asking about that here, this is a separate issue though I don’t quite know the words to describe it correctly in CAD/CAM terminology.

I’m using Vcarve, and I really like their texture toolpath “hand carved”. My problem is that, as carved, and then embossed into another object, it will be inverted, so instead of the concave texture that showed in Vectric’s preview, the embossed item will have convex texture, literally the opposite of what I want on the embossed item.

I want to know if there’s a way to reverse it in Vectric, but my quess is “No.” and so I’d be interested in where such a thing might be possible. I think vectric can’t do it because it’s just creating a tool path, not a an actual modeled texture, though it gets partly there with its preview, and I don’t see a way around that. (suggestions welcome)

What I think I need is more enhanced CAD software that can take the CAM work done in toolpath creation from Vectric, create an actual model of the carve-out created by the toolpath, and then let me subtract that from an object that will then form the reverse that I can export as an STL or compatible to re-import back to Vectric to 3d carve … I think. My understanding is limited here, and I’m either over-complicating the process, under-complicating the process, or both. Or missing it all together.:grinning:

Ah, I was afraid of that, the 3d CAD-fu is not strong with me. I’ll check out the textures thread though, thanks-- that might be a good place to ask some follow-ups on the “how” of it.

having not much else to do lately, I’ve been through the manual several times and can see no way to do what you are looking for…

Jeez, I can’t wait to get back to my workshop and X-Carve