Invert SVG in Easel Pro

I am a new user, I did search but could not discover my issue.
When I import an SVG file, the software is cutting inside all of my lines, but I would like to cut outside the lines.
Its functioning as it should, I just want to swap out the raised (original) height, for the cut height. It seems this would be a common thing when dealing with SVGs, I just cannot figure out how to accomplish it.
I attached a screenshot of what I am getting. You can see the letters in the name “Sullivan” are cut out. I would like them to stay raised.
Thank you.

The SVG will have to be in separate pieces, it would be easier to correct the issue in the software that created the SVG. But you can use the Xploder app or the Shape Xploder app and separate everything. Then you will need to set the letters to a Zero depth and the white around the letters to the required depth. Could you share the original SVG or the Easel file?

Here is a link to a shared project:
This is a good example of where I am trying to get the letters to be raised. I have tried doing your suggestion, and I just cannot figure out what I need to do.

I do most of my SVG editing in Sure Cuts a Lot (v5). I have tried numerous procedures in SCAL to try and invert this, with no luck.

Its not ideal, but I did find a solution. If you put a box behind the image, you get the desired effect. I have to play with this some more, but its a start.

The file isn’t shared publicly, make sure after you copy the link you hit the SAVE button

You could use a circle instead of a square and get the effect you’re looking for. I though you just wanted to raise the name but if you want to do the whole thing then just add a circle behind the image and you should be good. Then you can add another circle to cut the the object out.