IOT Relay Control with X-Controller

I’ve been building computers for many years, and I don’t remember ever having such problems with installing ribbon cables, especially ones with retainers. When they were fully seated, there was definitely a click.

Just for the record, my comments weren’t directed at you at all. I’m in 100% agreement with you. There should be some sort of indication that full seat has been achieved or at least something to reference what full seat is.

No offence. I fully understand what you meant. I’m reasonable experienced, and I blew it. I definitely appreciate the help from everyone. It got me carving again.

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When you test the IOT with the 9V battery, should the spindle only turn while the 9 volt is connected?


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Hello, I just received the IOT relay controller and realized I have the 1st gen. X-Carve. Has anyone wired the controller to this panel?image

What cables did you use to wire this?