Iot relay upgrade, machine won't park or use last home

I installed my iot relay and it works exactly as I expected it to, it starts my spindle before running program and stops it after cutting is done. my new problem is it won’t allow me to park it after the program is done and it won’t allow me to use the last position when running again. these two new issues started after I installed the iot relay. any suggestions or solutions if you have experienced this yourself would be very appreciated. thank you in advance

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IMO, your new IOT and the issues reported are unrelated.
the IOT addition wouldn’t cause that…

the park option doesn’t appear if the machine wasn’t homed first OR if the $131 setting is such that there isn’t adequate room to park without the machine thinking it’ll crash…

for the “use last” option for re-running. are you re-running the exact same carve? if so you might want to use the repeat carving feature… then “use last” is the default option

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Thank you sethcnc, my problem was solved while looking into your solutions.

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