IOT Relay Wiring With X Carve and JTech Laser

I am currently using a IOT relay to control my dust collector and spindle. The PWR control for the relay uses the same ground location that my JTech Laser says to use. Can I put both grounds in the same connector or will that cause an issue?


I can’t think there would be an issue, but it would be helpful if you added a quick schematic of the wiring. It should certainly be safe enough to share the control line grounds, at least so you can give it a try, just make sure it is all grounds you are connecting together.

I couldn’t get it to do both. When I use the JTech I have to unplug the trigger wire connector on the side of the iOT.

I already have a lot Power Relay connected to my controller, and I just bought a JTech laser. Is it possible to connect both sets of control wires to the X-Controller at the “Spindle PWM” and “Ground” connections?

Simple by adding some 3 position switch like that spdt-3-position-rectangular-rocker-car-switch-3-way-15a-250v-20a-125v-ac-thin-1


That’s a great idea.