IOTRelay turning router on/off during cuts

Sorry if this problem has already been resolved… I recently hooked up an IOTRelay to a dewalt 611 and the SPINDLE (0-10v) and GND on my X-Controller, the router turns on when i go to carve but turns off when the Z-axis raises, then back on when the Z-axis lowers. when i run Machine setup (Spindle control: Automatic) it does not turn the router on, although it will turn on when i run a carve. I am using SPINDLE PWM for JTECH laser driver. Any idea what would turn the router on/off during a carve? checked all wires inside and outside X-controller, and router works normally when used manually. Also reinstalled easel driver and updated my X-Controller firmware. Thanks in advance

do you have a copy of the program you can share?

just to rule out the possibility of the post processor doing something odd