IP Camera for monitoring carve

I know several people on the forum have mounted cameras to monitor their carves remotely. I wanted to do the same, except that I was not concerned with an ultra closeup of the carve.

I carved a phone stand to mount an old Android Droid phone. It sits on my X-Controller sideboard. The stand has an adjustable platform mount for the phone. The phone is attached to the stand with a length of Velcro. Nothing fancy. I just loaded one of the many free Android IP camera apps onto it. A good use for an old phone that was just sitting in a desk drawer. I can now connect to the camera from my desktop in the house. I can get a good enough pic to tell if everything is carving OK. If I really want a good check, I can turn on sound!!

To further enhance my remote monitoring, I have Chrome Remote Desktop running on both machines. I can monitor Picsender with my desktop.

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Take a look at teamviewer.
I use this and free for personal use. works also on android and mac.
My shop is at the back off the garden and Im inside looking on desktop, with simple web cam and full control.
you can take over the complete computer.

Grtz Koen

Chrome Remote Desktop does the same,