Ipad covers with matching docking station

I needed a cover for my new ipad, and figured it was a good excuse as any to design and carve something with my xcarve.This is the most complicated carve i have done yet. I used reclaimed barn wood pine. I carved the back and front of the ipad case on 2 different pieces of wood and used my table saw to cut to final depth(about 1/8" thick). The tree is same vector image i imported into easel the only difference is that one on the back i carved as a “fill” the tree on the front was carved on the lines. I used 1/16" and 1/32" bits to make the cuts, so it took a a few hours to carve.

The docking station was the most difficult to figure out as a 5 axis machine would have been great here. For the this portion of the project I used Vcarve to draw the “roots” and split them. The bottom 2" of the roots was 1 SVG file for the front, the next 1/2" of roots was another SVG file for the top. Getting the roots lined up for the carve was a bit tricky, had to make on my table where the material was set during the front cut. Used the same mark to make sure i was still lined up when i flipped the piece and carved the top. In the end it turned out really well, even though the hole the ipad sits in still needs to be a bit deeper.



Looks brilliant!

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