iPad Pro & Apple Pencil better compatibility?

Currently I use Easel on my iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) and I am wondering if this will be compatible with the new IPad Pro, which is being released in November 2015. I’m happy working from my sofa as this is just a hobby for me; I don’t wanna be stuck on my iMac in the spare room…

Before you say I can already use an IPad- my experiences with IPad & Easel have not been great. I have tried using my current IPad with Easel and I can’t resize objects, it will just let me move them around…

The new iPad Pro has many features which will make it perfect for Easel! It is also being released with a stylus (Apple Pencil) for the first time! The new 12.9inch ret display giving a more than ever immersive image. They have reengineered the multi touch, increased sensitivity, doubled refresh rate, it has 5.6million pixels and will have the option of using Apple Pencil.

Apple pencil short video - http://www.apple.com/apple-pencil/

So my questions;

Will these be compatible with Easel?

What do others think about working from the comfort of there sofa, garden bench or on the move trains, buses. ect.???

Thanks for your opinions.

Your fellow hobbist


I think we’ll have to wait and see regarding the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I assume that the iPad Pro will provide the same iPad experience you’ve already had… just with a larger display. I think it will depend on the type of work you do and whether or not you need a full OS or just a tablet OS.

I love working remotely although nothing seems to beat a full OS, keyboard, mouse, and a large display. I always find myself heading back to the “computer room” to get real work done and to stay focused without distraction. I tinker around and have fun with my tablet OS devices but they can’t match a full OS in my opinion.

If you want to work remotely, and you already have an iMac, why not look at a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? I was hoping that the iPad Pro would us OS X but, sadly, it does not. If not a MacBook what about a Surface or Surface Pro? Those options will allow you to work remotely with either OS X and/or Windows.

Something to think and chat about.

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I too was disappointed to see the iPad pro didn’t run OS X. I did get the splashtop app to remotely control my iMac from my iPad. I like it and it works but not as fluid as actually using my iMac. I even connected my Bluetooth keyboard and jail broke the iPad to work with a mouse or trackpad, still not as good as using the iMac directly.

iPad Pro is a nice looking bit of kit. But bottom line is its still under 13" screen. I don’t enjoy working on my 13" MacBook, always prefer to go back to my desktop and use the big screen so not sure the iPad Pro will help.

But if the pencil works as well as advertised, I’m happy to be convinced. :smile:



As others have stated on here, I don’t think the iPad Pro will present anything different in the experience department when it comes to Easel.

That being said, I do use my iPad Mini from time to time to work on projects and I could totally see an improvement to this workflow with an iPad Pro and an Pencil. Not that the Pro or any other iPad will drive your machine without some decent hacking it could play a role.

Here is how I would (and currently do) approach it:

I use iDraw almost exclusively when dealing with vectors on my iPad and so I’d use that for the initial design phase of my process. It can save SVG files too so that is a bonus. After that I move my SVG into Easel and can set depth of cut and things like that from the iPad. I also set material and other project setup items. Once the design is close to carving, that is when it is time to leave the couch and the iPad behind and head over to the computer that you have running the X-Carve and finish up the last few steps and then click carve.

I know the above isn’t the solution you are looking for, but it might accomplish most of what you are wanting to do.

One other thing that I do use my iPad Mini for is checking on the progress of my job. A webcam and Easel on the screen of the computer that I am running the X-Carve are on. Then I use Remoter VNC to remotely log in to that computer and see the screen and webcam. Just another thought as to what might be accomplished.

Remoter VNC: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/remoter-vnc-remote-desktop/id369626098?mt=8

iDraw: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/idraw/id363317633?mt=8

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So two things about using Easel with an iPad:

  1. Interface usability: Some parts of Easel are designed specifically for mouse interactions and functionality could be significantly impacted on touch devices. I’ve tried some things, like adding shapes, dragging them around, etc, which all seem to work. But there are other things, like manipulating the 3D preview, that don’t seem to work.

  2. Machine connection: This is obviously the big one. There is no USB port and it requires an app and a ton of licensing to connect through the single port on iOS devices. The only option, I believe, is to use a remote “local sender” (like a raspberry pi) and allow Easel to connect with that sender instead of the one running locally. For now, we have no plans for this, but stay tuned because we are thinking about it.