Iron Man Pinewood Derby Car with LED Lights

Here is a pinewood derby card that my son and I made to look like Iron Man with glowing eyes and chest!

The finished car:

Instructional video here:

Inventables project page with model files:

My son’s video of him explaining the process:

We had fun making this one!


That is AWESOME…

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That is absolutely awesome. I still have my Pinewood Derby car that my late dad helped me with before he passed away 43 years ago. OH the memories, he will cherish this forever. Way to go dad.

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its funny you mention that… we actually thought about putting a small speaker and having it play the iron man repulsor sound whenever it was bounced or something like that. :smile:

Awesome car!! I miss the pinewood derby now that my boys are older :frowning:

Years ago my son and i added sound to his pinewood derby car… while it was cool, you couldn’t hear it over the noise and chaos of the races. Just keep that in mind if you decide to do it :slight_smile: Its a cool effect but most people won’t hear it (unless your ‘demoing’ the car )

Video of our pinewood derby car w/speaker

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