Is 23 inches the widest you can carve on the X-Carve 1000?

I have the 1000 x 1000 X-Carve and the widest project I can cut is about 23 inches. Is there any way to cut larger projects?
I’m a rookie at this.

Thanks in advance!

You should be able to cut 30" along the X axis and 30" along the Y axis, now if you want to cut longer along the Y axis you can tile the job.

I bought my machine already set up and I found a set limit screw on one side of the rail. Is it okay to just remove that screw or do I need to do something with the settings? Thank you for your help!

You’re Welcome
Does your machine have homing switches?
If so they will have an aluminum spacer that is attached to the Y axis rail that comes in contact with the Y axis homing switch. You should be able to loosen that screw and move it toward the front of the machine and tighten it back up

They also have one on the X axis

Awesome…Thank you very much!

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Note. If you have a dust boot then that can slightly shrink the Envelope. I can do 28” with my boot in place.