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Is Carvey done?

I hope Easel will continue to support Carvey and that both proper sized material waste board and bits will be available in the future.

I bought it a little over a year ago and did not even unbox it because of my mothers death–cleaning her stuff from the house, taking care of my autistic son solo, and working graveyard shift with overtime, etc. So I finally get it out of the box and hear this–spent 2500 plus on this machine that has a finite life now. So pissed.

I’ve had my Carvey for about 3 years. The only issue has been with the sensor in the smart clamp, but that was fixed about a year or so ago. Yours probably has that mod. If so, I think you’ll be good. There’s just not a lot to go wrong with it. The software is Easel and cloud-based, so as long as Inventables hangs in there there’s really not too much “support” to lose. It will work after its official end-of-life.

Having said that, I do like mine and just don’t feel like learning a new system, so I found someone selling their Carvey and bought if for a reserve. If you do use it and like it, you might consider the same or you might just offer it up for sale now. There are probably folks out there that would be interested. Don’t get rid of your box/packaging just in case.

I do love the simplicity and just bummed that inventables will only support til 4/2021. I have started to use it and just love how easy I can create and make something. I have the carvey in my office and it just complements everything so nicely.

I did save the box-whew-just in case.
to fix the smart clamp did you just have to replace the entire piece and rewire?

When the sensor went out on mine, they sent an entire smart clamp but of course only the sensor pc-board was needed. The clamp housing is pretty indestructible. You have to take the pc-board out of the smart clamp to connect to the wires. Tiny screws.