Is cutting out the side a face possible?

Is the X Carve capable of cutting out for instance a replica of a Penny? Will the software set multiple depths on the tool path to recreate an image such as a Penny, or maybe a small version of the Sons of Anarchy table?

The short answer is the X-carve is capable of it, but Easel currently is not. If you use one of many other programs to design it and send it to the x-carve using UGS or chilipeppr you can easily do it. Like anything else just need to learn the craft in which you choose.

Are those programs free? if not what is the rough cost, and what would you recommend?

UGS and chilipeppr are free, but not sure exactly what you’re trying to accomplish to point you in a direction. How do you plan to get the artwork? Are you drawing it? Using models that you purchase? Do you have any 3d design experience? If not, the easiest way I think for you to accomplish it is to purchase A 3d model (a .stl file) and purchase a software called Meshcam (I think it runs like $250-) a really easy to use software and you should be all set sending the gcode output to the XCarve using UGS or Chilipeppr.

I went on eBay and found sons stl for carving with cnc. I also have v carve pro. Still setting up machine. Will get a picture when done

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