Is Easel a bit too conservative on settings?

I needed a simple bracket cut out of 3/4" plywood - it’s 13" square with a 8 1/4" hole cut out of the center. I was using a 1/4" bit and Easel’s recommended cut settings would take over an hour. I get that Easel would use pretty conservative settings, but isn’t this a bit much?


Yes, it is conservative. These recommendations don’t take several of the factors into account. That said, it’s pretty easy to just change the settings to whatever you want.

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Myself personally with what ur using…I can for sure set my machine to 50in/min and depth of cut at least 0.03" and I would not have a problem. I can often go higher, but every machine is slightly different. I wouldn’t hesitate to try that though. Oh and makita router speed between 1-2.

Many of Easel’s presets seem like they’re meant for either the original DC spindle that came with the X Carve, or the Carvey spindle. They also don’t have a way to know if you have the larger steppers or the more powerful X-Controller so they just assume the weakest machine they sell. I’ve had great luck on my machine going at 2500mm/min and 1mm DOC.