Is Easel for other CNC machines besides the X-Carve?

Hi, Im really new to the CNC world, and i just picked up a nice running CNC machine from a friend. Unfortunately the computer and program he was using did not come with it. Iv been searching the internet for any info on what programs i need to get this up and running and came across Easel. My question is, will easel work with my CNC machine even if it’s not an X-carve, and does anyone have any recommendations on the proper way to install it for my machine. Thanks for any bearing on this, I cant wait to get started on some projects.


Sorry, I picked up a BOBSCNC E3.

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That machine uses grbl running on an Arduino Uno (same as Xcarve), so it should be compatible with Easel.

You can also generate G-Code in Easel and then export it. This way you can run it on any machine using any software

Great, thank you all for the support.

Hope you got her to go Robert.

I’ll post in here to for others that might be curious.

Our typical work flow is:
Easel - design and setup, two stage cuts, feeds and speeds etc.
Export G-code
Open Gcode in Notepad. Copy the Gcode
Paste Gcode into toolpath simulator (third party simulator)
we use (web based)
(this puts it into order for our machine to read)
Also allows to manually edit the gcode and re-simulate the code. For our CNC it uses standard
basic Gcode; with a .nc file extension and also requires start and stop commands for the
spindle. (we put M3 after the first G90 code in the gcode and M5 after the last G90 code.)
(start and stop)
Copy the edited Gcode and repaste it into the Notepad file and Save as.
Making sure we type in the .nc file extensions and change the file type to “all files”
Controller CNC - Open up the Controller software and load the saved file…and push run.

We use a Larken CNC.

Hey Rob were you able to get your CNC running on the Easel?

How do you use 2 stage cuts on a different cnc? You make separate gcode files for it and load en run them one after another?

@RobertDillard I’ve done some work in easel to see if it’s easy to use besides what i’m using now and it sure is. Although i make stuff in easel and export the Gcode to load it up in universal gcode sender and works like a charm!