Is Gun Stock Engraving Possible with X-Carve?

I know it’s “built” for flat surfaces, but has anyone carved a gun stock or pistol grip with their X-Carve?

I’m sure it can be done, but would imagine it’d be extremely difficult

there could be afew ways to do this. software/probe would most likely be the easiest.

simple answer is YES it COULD be done. but easel doesn’t support this feature.

You will need a bit more advanced software and hardware than a stock X Carve. But the mill can do it with ease, with the right controller and software. You can look at a controller like the Planet CNC which can be used with a digital probe to “map” the curves of the stock and then mill your design on the curves without much issue like in this video You would just use a digital probe also since the stock is not conductive like the copper clad is in the video. But a system like this could take your gcode from something like Aspire and mill it correctly onto your stocks with ease. I use these controllers and have a digital probe and such if you need more info.

Thanks for the info.

I was thinking something like that, or even if the manufacturer had 3D models of the stock online that could be used to define your surface, but doubt those are easy to find (if they even exist).

Maybe once I take my CNC training wheels off I can dive into something like that. For now, gotta keep all 4 wheels on the ground

I’ve been searching everywhere for a file of a marlin 60 .22 stock. No luck. I just want a file where someone has digitally mapped one. I want to engrave the stock of mine that belonged to my grandad.

It is possible and rather easy with the right software and a touch probe:

However: things like this are always a bit risky with expensive or hard to replace items as you only have one try to get it right. So you should start with something cheap and replaceable to gain experience before you machine more expensive stuff…

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