Is it possible to cut 2 sided designs in Easel? Thanks

Different designs/patterns on front and back?

Yes using careful alignment

Like Joe B said, its all about alignment. I plan to do it with a jig, which will essentially be a frame surrounding the piece to be carved attached to a scrap board which I will clamp/tape to the x carve waste board. Then I will carve one side, flip the piece (not the jig) and it will be perfectly aligned. Hope that helps…

I did a few coffee table and end table designs last night using tabs to hold the piece to the scrap that way I could pocket the back for the legs and flip the whole board over and do the inlays for the top. With the inventables wasteboard it should be super easy to make a jig to do this all day long. Where problems might arise is 3d carving but if you leave a small border and add tabs to a few spots so you have a spot to home z at original thickness on both sides it should be easy enough. Wow that was a ramble. Also you could make a form that way once one side is cut you out in your form the piece fits in the form and fwallah you can do the back. I see this as a good way to make a skateboard out of a solid piece of wood.


I plan on doing some 2 sided carving and after watching the video below, I’ll probably do it in a similar way.



Thanks for that video. That is really a neat, accurate and easy way to do 2 sided carving. .

I’ve found that a dowel pin method works better after playing with lots of different methods. My favorite version is the one I used in the iPhone 6 case. You can see the project here:

and my project thread is here: