Is it possible to cut like this in Easel

Ok… I like to think i’m semi-not-stupid… but for the life of me i cant figure out how to make a cut like this in Easel.

Here is a svg example…

I want to cut the circle out… but i also want to cut the gray area down .25" (creating a lip).

Here is a 3D rendering of what i’m talking about…

When i try to setup the cut in Easel it wants to cut down the entire center .25"…

What am i doing wrong?

Something like this?

It looks like its still routing out the entire center of the circle.

I would expect it to look more like this… but with the lip (center of the circle fully intact…

Not sure about using easel, but why not make the lip part using 2 concentric circles and doing a pocket to the depth required. Then using the inner circle and cutting inside the line to cut out the middle material.


Thats exactly what i did… created 2 offset lines (one .124" offset from the edge and the other .248)… Then set the cut depth on those two lines…

It was a pain… I’m just using a simple circle in this discussion… here is my actual cut… (yes… i know i should use a downshear bit but i didn’t have one at the time)…

@NAM37 How did you setup the one on the left? That looks like exactly what i’m trying to do.

It’s just a bunch of layered circles. I shared the project so it should load for you.

Its an easy setup in v-carve… I hadn’t done much in Easel so i decided to try an entire project in it (that was just one part).

I may just stick with v-carve for those types of cuts.

I think the one on the right in @NAM37’s project is what you’re trying to do. The trick he used is to add a filled circle set to a depth of 0, in front of all the other objects. That keeps the area inside of that circle from being milled out.

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Hahaha… yes… I didn’t wear a watch today, it makes telling my left/right harder :slightly_smiling: