Is it possible to do stacked text with tiling?

I have a project that requires stacked images and it’s oversized. The preview shows only half my projects toolpaths. Is there a video that shows the process? Thanks in advance!

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Yes, the process is the same as any other tiling project, with a few key things to keep in mind. The more detailed the project at the area the tiling overlaps, the more precise the tiling must be aligned in both the direction of the Y axis and the amount that the board is moved for the tile. Precise angle and movement is more difficult than most people realize and it usually takes a few attempts to figure it out to be able to carve a design like yours without a noticeable line from the tiling.

Your project only shows the bottom half because that is the first tile, If you’ like to see the next carve, select the material at the top right and click the next tile, then exit that popup and re-run the simulation to see the toolpaths for the 2nd tile.

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