Is it possible to get simplified G-code? A simple cut?

I have a simple design. I exported .dxf of a surface from the Solidworks student edition, and I cannot find a way to get a simple g-code generation out of Easel. Is it only with Pro that I can achieve something better? This cost should take 5 minutes tops, and should be a simple cut around each piece. Instead my router jumps around and nearly all of the time waiting for these pieces involves the Z axis feeding in and out of each location…I’m sure there must be a fix. This is driving me wild.

you will need to share your file so we can help

Occasionally I will connect parts together in my drawing with lines so that the cutter will follow a continuous path. I don’t use Easel though, I do it in Cambam and use UGS.

Dividers_v2.DXF (36.2 KB) (54.2 KB)

You’ll need to combine the nodes in that DXF. I used Inkscape. Below is the svg which can be imported to Easel as one path.

just curious what is the design of? what is it when the project is complete?

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Thanks Neil, I only see an image that I can download though. I looked into Inkscape and it looks promising but it does not run on the new MacOS. Perhaps it’s time I put some energy into learning how to use fusion.

Steve - they are just brackets to fix some tubes to the sides of a heat exchanger

The image is an svg that can be imported into Easel.

Any idea why?

Much more intuitive and modern than Solidworks.