Is it possible to get your project all set up and ready to carve on easel while on internet. Then send to machine without having internet?

My shop has no internet. But the office up front does. Would I be able to creat a project while using the internet. Get everything set up to carve. Then bring computer to machine where there is no internet and just hit carve. Sorry for the noob question.

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Yep, while the project is up, you can go plug into the machine and run the carve.

You could also export the gCode under Machine > Advanced and just use Universal gCode Sender, but if you are already taking your computer to your machine I would just stick with Easel and not complicate the situation with multiple programs.

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That’s awesome. Thank you buddy. Can you explain a little more how the g code sender works. I’m new to all this Cnc stuff.

Hey @MattDiresta the easiest way to do it is exactly as you described. Unplug once you have the design set. Bring it over to the machine. When you connect the USB you need to see the Carve button turn green.

This will work every time except the first time. The first time you will need to download Easel local and go though the walk through.

After that initial set up you can run Easel without the internet but remember:

  1. You can’t access other files in your library while offline. You need Internet for that
  2. You can’t click away to another website in the same session because you’ll loose the browser session.
  3. Easel sending to the machine requires the USB connection but not the Internet
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Well, like I said, if you can avoid the complication then do it, but if it turns out to be the solution then you can get it here:

And read more than I can explain here:

There are also a few threads here in the forums that talk about UGS as well…

Hope that helps.

Yes got it cutting. Thank you.

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