Is it possible to move the start point?

Within Easel, can I define the start point of a carve to avoid crossing a clamp at the start of the run?

No but you could start in the middle and work to the outside.

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To expand on that:

  1. Select your entire design (unpin all objects prior to this).
  2. Change the coordinate (position) to be the Center.
  3. Change the actual coordinates to (0, 0).
  4. Home the machine.
  5. When asked to set the work zero, set it to the center of your stock (or somewhere in the middle if you are planning for it to be offset or something)
  6. Carve away

You would still have to make sure the path does not cross a clamp, but you can always go into the Machine Inspector and change the Safety Height to something that will retract the bit to above the clamp height (watch out for the dust shoe though …).


Brandon Parker


You also have to check the tool path at the end of a carve, that return to zero can also strike clamps.
It is best to use the simulation to view paths and place clamps accordingly.
Another option is tape and CA glue.
Low profile clamps and safety height set above that works well too.


Thank you. I will try this

Move the clamp???

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