Is it possible to select different paths for different bits in 2 stage cut?

So with Star Wars coming up I wanted to take my stab at a cnc version of the han solo push stick that I’ve seen made on a laser recently.

Still super new to CNC, I’m using Easel and would like to do a 2 bit operation, the first is a vcarve with a 60 degree bit to get the fine detial work. Then a second operation to cut everything out. When I set up multiple bits it’s looking like easel runs every path again.

Is it possible to select which paths I want with which bits? Or do I just need to run the first operation and then add the cut out path after?


Could you please share this project? It looks awesome.

Sure thing:

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Thank you!

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Did you ever find out the answer to this question?

I typically duplicate the workpiece at the bottom of Easel first. Then in the first workpiece, delete out the paths that you will run to cut the project out and setup the V path. Then on the second workpiece, do the inverse. Obviously make sure you use the “Use last X,Y” option when cutting the second workpiece.