Is it software or router to do this?

I am still learning about all this. See the photo.

Is this software or particular router that makes this type of carving?

The x carve is perfectly capable of that carving. It’s all about the software.

The software used to create the files are many and varied from free fusion 360 to £2000 Vectrics Aspire.

Premade 3D files you can create the code in vcarve and Aspire, possibly easel, I don’t use it. Then send via UGS or Picsender.

Thanks for the reply Phil!

So, the carving would be generated by vcarve and then uploaded to easel or dose vcarve connect directly to the cnc router?


Machining is a 3 part process:

  • Design (CAD)
  • Exporting tool path (CAM)
  • Sending instructions to machine (gcode)

Easel is a 3-in-1 package, with decent 2D capabilities but do not support 3D modelmaking.
If Easel can not do what you want, use the software that does, perform the CAM-part from there (export gcode)
Then send gcode with the sender of choice, Easel being one of them.

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Thank you Haldor!

Your explanation is a great help! I will send a note off to vectric to see which software they recommend would be best for what I want to do.

Aside…I’ll bet that carve in the picture took a few hours/days? to create. :wink: