Is Motorkote good to lubricate z axis acme rod

People mention using a dry lubricant for the z axis acme rod. I have a can of Motorkote in my shop, wondering if it is suitable?

I did a test spray on scrap aluminum, it seems to be a liquid out of the can but is dry almost immediately, fully dry after a single pass gentle wipe with a rag. I’m just scared I’ll gum up the axis if I use the wrong stuff.

Appreciate if anyone has experience or advice to share.

All I have ever used in the Dry PTFE spray lube, it works very well


I still haven’t lubed my rod yet lol
I still have the little pack that came with my machine.

Thanks everybody for the info.

Love the pencil idea, tomorrow I’ll try that.

Seems like no silicon. There is no ingredient list, but in first aid section it lists heptane, petroleum oils, n-butane, propane.

Also says don’t use on low grade plastics, not sure of the grade of delrin.

Going to err safe side and leave the Motorkote on the shelf.

Pencil??? like a no.2 writing pencil…



Wouldn’t it also attract dirt?

I have enough trouble with my finishes, I’m happy to follow advice steering away from possible contaminants.

Plus, there was something fun about scraping a pencil along the acme rod, like playing a washboard. The chatter I get during z probing reduced considerably.

Best I found is Rice Oil. Which is all industrial sewing machines uses. They do work on very dusty environment like CNC works. Also it is not petroleum based. It’s been about two years, no problem.

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I was thinking of trying this one out. It puts on a dirt-resistant coating.

I suggested on another topic of dry Bike Chain lube with Teflon. Worked well for me.